Apache Junction Spring Systems

Springs are what raise and lower a garage door, which makes them an essential part of any garage door system. Since the springs hold the weight of the door open, it is critical they operate smoothly or else they could cause injury or damage to personal property. This is precisely you should have your garage door springs tightened regularly. An experienced garage door technician from Our Company can assist you with spring replacement and repair.

It requires skill and knowledge to work with the spring system of a garage door. All technicians should understand how to pick springs based on the size, weight, and use of the door or else the failure could be catastrophic. This is why it is always prudent to work with an expert who can assess the specific needs. Our team has successfully serviced garage door springs and other issues all throughout the region for over 10 years.

Our Service Team has been repairing and replacing garage door springs for garage doors all across the area. Our products stand out for their longevity, superior design, and safety. There are two basic types of spring systems a customer can chose depending on their budget and garage door needs:

A.Torsion springs in Apache Junction

Modern torsion springs have somewhat of an edge over the extension springs as it relates to reliability and safety. The uniqueness associated with this system is what provides its strength. The entire system consists of a tightly-wound spring over a shaft, it has cables that runs through the drums on both ends. When the garage door is lifted, the spring unwinds and transfers its energy to the cables that lift the door. The cables are what provides the additional safety because they can hold the door up in case the spring breaks.

Torsion springs can be used on most types of doors. This includes simple single-vehicle garage doors at a residence as well as large industrial garage doors that require multiple springs. Our skilled technicians decide on the number, size, and quality of the springs you need.

What Are Extension Springs?

Extension Springs are linked to the fundamental science of expanding and contracting  and have the ability to bear a heavy load. The spring itself has a default expanded position while the door is closed and contracts when the door is being opened.  Extension springs are also tied to a lot of tension, thus, an inexperienced person should not attempt to service an extension spring. In fact, if the spring snaps during servicing, it can cause sever injury and damage to you or your property.

Extension springs are reasonably priced, but they will require more attention with wear and tear to ensure your garage door functions properly. When you chose Our Company for your spring-related issues, you will always receive comprehensive solutions with an affordable price-tag.


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